Santa’s Wager

Over the past couple of months, my six-year-old son has become more and more interested in parsing out fact from fiction. With the Christmas holidays approaching, the subject of Santa’s existence starting cropping up a lot. He began asking me questions like, “How does Santa get into Daddy’s house if Daddy doesn’t have a chimney?” [...]

Screen Doors and Porch Swings

Like one who didn't want to give a salesperson too much encouragement, people were standing behind their screen doors to talk to me. They weren't shutting me out completely, but I was no longer invited in. People I thought would surely always accept me for who I am began backing towards the house and behind their screen doors to make sure I didn't get past the threshold. 

Tearing Down the Stigmas and Myths of Mental Illness

He replied, "What do you have to be depressed about? You shouldn't have anything to be depressed about if you believe in Jesus." Or at least it was something to that effect. The actual words have been blurred by time, but the gist remained crystal clear for the next couple of decades - if you're a true Christian, you can't be depressed.

10 Things That Royally Suck About Being A Single Parent

Back in the day, anytime the husband was out of town for a couple of days, I would lament dramatically about how hard being a "single parent" was. Then I became a single mother in real life, and I realized there are way more things that suck about being a single parent than just feeling and looking tired all the time.